H2O – Humility, Harmony & Openness

I walked outside nose deep in my phone searching for an inspirational video to watch this morning, when I stepped ankle deep in a puddle of water. “Great!” I thought “my socks wet, my feet are cold, I should go change my shoes” when I unintentionally clicked on Raymond Tang’s TED Talk Be Humble – and other lessons from philosophy of WATER. Coincidence? Maybe yes, maybe no. Either way I found the video to watch on my educational walk.

Tang gave me a great lesson this morning that he learned when reading the ancient Chinese philosophy of the Tao Te Ching, which compares goodness to water. Goodness may seem simple to explain, however difficult to obtain. Goodness is feeling, thinking, being, doing good – simple right? However can you feel, think, be and do good or even better all the time? I know I can’t. I put my best efforts into it, but I fail often. I let the environment around me effect me and my goodness. I wish to be more like water and let me tell you why.

1. Water is HUMBLE. It is the source of all life on Earth, essential and nurturing to every living thing on Earth. It stays low and quiet, and without drawing any attention to itself, it make everything around it grow and blossom. It doesn’t take pride in it, not even the credit. It simply does its job continuously and unbaisedly.

2. Water is HARMONIOUS. In any form or shape water always forms a consistent whole. Even when presented with an obstacle water flows around it calmly and composed, without changing and sacrificing  itself.

3. Water is OPENED. It is opened to any way,  from or shape. It is flexible and adjustable. It changes and adapts quickly according to its environment, yet stays exactly the same in its composition.

So, today I promised myself to become more like water. To help, support and nurture others without any expectations in return, because making others happy will bring me happiness. To be in harmony with myself and act harmoniously in my environetmnt. To stay calm, collective and true to myself when facing challenges. To be open minded and adaptable, because flexibility in life creates balance which enchances personal stability in endless challenges of life. Today I started flowing.


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