Love Tough Coaching

I’ve been judged and criticized as a coach more than I could ever appreciate. I’ve been questioned, misunderstood and had my work diminished way too many times. It’s been said I’m too strict, have delusional standards, insane expectations, and no compassion. Which might be true? But ask me if I care.

I used to! I used to care about it a lot. I let others mess with my head, creating doubts and lowering my self-esteem. I lost respect of my abilities, my coaching. I lost respect of myself. I was worrying so much about opinions and trying to please others that I let it change my values and beliefs, which changed who I was. I changed so much that I started to hate the only true passion in my life to a point of quitting. I quite cheerleading. I was done!

As you may have noticed, I turned it around 🙂 After taking a short break, I got back into it. And today, my answer to all the haters, doubters and non-believers is “I DON’T CARE”.

I don’t argue with people about my coaching style. I don’t try to explain or justify it. I know who I am and I know how I coach. I also know why. As an athlete I had the pleasure of working with many coaches of different calibers. The ones that I respect the most and owe them lifelong debts of gratitude are the ones that were the toughest on me. I have them to thank for my continuous and never-ending strive for more. Their transformational coaching approaches inspired and shaped the transformational coach I aspire to be.

Joe Ehrmann, the author of InSideOut Coaching distinguishes between two types of coaches. Transactional and Transformational. Transactional coaches see athletes and teams as business transactions. The measure of their own success is the number of transactions they make and their figures. Transformational coaches, on the other hand, view each athlete as a diamond in the rough. An opportunity to transform, add value to athletes’ life and help them become the best version of themselves. Transformational coaches go beyond numbers, physical abilities and skills, they care about people and invest in their personal development, and so do I.

Because I expect more from my athletes, I challenge them to do more. Because I care more about their character, I don’t allow them to settle for less.  Because I push the limits, I expand their capabilities beyond imaginable. I practice love tough, not tough love. Like one of my favorite motivational speakers and authors Jon Gordon, I too believe love has to come first. I don’t care for my athletes while remaining unsympathetic and strict. I am tough and aggro, because I love them and care about their future. 

With that being said, if you are my athlete (or their parent) and I’m not tough on you (your kid), I would be worried 🙂 




Laws of Success

Nothing in life comes easy! It’s our perception that makes us believe some things are easier to achieve than others. That is because of the knowledge, experiences, and training that we have already gone through, not so much because the skill is easy. Think back to when you took your first gymnastics/tumbling class. You were probably a toddler without any flipping, stretching, squeezing your body experiences or even ideas how to do so. A handstand, forward roll, cartwheel or even a bridge seems like a hard skill. You had to train your body and mind in order to get them.  Some took longer than others, but most skills you didn’t gain over night. As this is true for physical skills and ability, it is also very true for mental ones. In fact, it is much harder to train your mind than your body. Remember that your body does what your brain commands. Working out daily is not hard for your body, but can your brain get you to the gym every day? Not eating fast food is not hard for you body, but can you fight your urge not to drive through that drive-in?

I would like you to adopt and be conscious of this mentality throughout The Pre-Hab program. It will not be easy. Expect that and be ok with failure along the way. Wise man – Winston Churchill once said

Success is stumbling from failure to failure with no loss of enthusiasm.

Failure will come in different shapes and forms. Unexpected things will happen and you will not be able to control the situation. That is perfectly OK! It’s how you handle, overcome and what you take from these situations that will either break you or make you. Remember, it is your brain that controls the body and it is you who controls your brain. Training your brain is essential and crucial for success.

I would love for you to be successful, not only in The Pre-Hab program but also in other aspects of your life. To ensure your success and increase the likelihood that you will succeed, here are some basic principles and rules to follow:

1. Consistency

2. Commitment

3. Consciousness

4. Accountability

5. Goals

6. Patience

7. Preparation

8. Individuality

9. Honesty

I will dive into explaining each law more in depth along the way, however, to sum it all up…When you set a goal it takes commitment and preparation in order to become accountable and stay consistent. Being honest to yourself, patient with the process and conscious of all that is happening inside and out, will shape you as an individual and significantly improve growth and development of a better you.









The Cheer Worlds Pre-Hab

Hello beautiful ladies!

First let me congratulate you and your awesome team for winning a bid to the most prestigious event in cheerleading – USASF/IASF World Championship 2018!

As glorious and exciting the competition is, it comes with a high price of stress on your body and mind. As a cheerleader & cheer coach, I know first hand what is like to be worried about hitting your stunt or sticking that tumbling pass, on top of being concerned about throwing full-outs back to back AND on top of all that, looking flawless and fierce in your uniform. As a wellness & lifestyle coach I know it’s all about the perfect balance of proper nutrition and training. Making sure you’re getting your body enough of important nutrients to push through thosehard practices, while keeping your mind focused on success.

That is why I created The Cheer Worlds Pre-Hab program, not only for myself, but also for the thousands of cheerleaders out there who might find this helpful. If you are like me, it is much easier to stay on task when you have support of your friends, family, team and the community you’re involved in. 

I challenge you to take a step forward and become a better version of yourself. Get yourself into a better physical as well as mental shape before one of the most stressful times in the cheer season.

This amazing program includes:
  • Detox Cleanse 
  • Smoothie Recipe Book
  • DAILY MEAL PLAN with shopping lists and recipes 
  • WORKOUT PLAN that compliments cheerleading training
  • WORKOUT VIDEOS to follow along
  • Motivational & Inspirational Resources
  • Stress & Pressure Management Exercises 
  • Self-Confidence Boosters
  • Be Better – Lead Better Challenges

ALL and MORE free of charge ! All you have to do is SIGN UP!

Sounds to good to be true? 🙂 Well it is true, however I do

 expect few things from you:

  • Your full commitment
  • Your best effort
  • Honest feedback & testimonials
  • Whole-foods Diet

Join ME & cheerleaders all over the world – let’s reach our goals together!